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ecbi - The European Capacity Building Initiative

Recipients of the ecbi Bursary, 2011-12

Gebru Jember Endalew
Representative of Ethiopia

Mr. Endalew is an experienced meteorologist with a diverse knowledge base. He was recently Head for Meteorological Research and Studies Department; and currently Programme Coodinator for the Climate Change Forum-Ethiopia. Mr. Endalew is also a delegate in the climate change negotiations and active in international and national workshops, coordinating climate change related activities at the national Meteorological agency, conducting Ozone Depletion Surveys (ODS).

Gebru Endalew reflects on his experience with the ecbi, "The regional workshops can be considered as a means to bridge the gap in having young negotiators and my involvement in the ecbi regional training workshop was the starting point for me to continue as a negotiator. [Furthermore] the policy briefings and the pre-COPs also help us to have clear position in the different pillars of the negotiations."

WORKING AT: The Climate Change Forum, Ethiopia

GHG Emissions and the Kyoto Protocol  (1741 kb)

Fredrick Kossam
Representative of Malawi

Mr. Kossam is Head of Climate Change and Research Services and Key Climate Change Negotiator for Malawi since 2008. He has a MSc degree from the University of Reading, having studied in Malawi and Kenya.

He also worked on attachment at the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn in 2011 within the Adaptation Programe, focusing on the development of the National Adaptation Plans for the LDCs.

WORKING AT: Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management, Malawi

Synergies between Technology Needs Assessment and National Adaptation Plan of Action in Malawi; part of the 'Technology Transfer Perspectives Series: Technologies for Adaptation Perspectives and Practical Experiences' (UNEP link)

Dr Sumaya Zakieldeen
Representative of Sudan

WORKING AT: The Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)

Adaptation Under the UNFCCC (422kb)
Adaptation - The Tenth Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group (236kb)

Previous Bursary Holders

Fahmi Abdulhadi Binshbrak
Representative of Yemen

Mr. Binshbrak holds a bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Hadhramout. Since 2002, he has worked at the Climate Change Unit, Environment Protection Authority (EPA), which is a UNFCC focal point. He has been active in the UNFCCC negotiations since COP11 as a member of the delegation of Yemen.

WORKING AT: The Climate Change Unit, Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Yemen

Adaptation - a report from Bonn, Germany (256 kb)
Adaptation - report from COP16 (286 kb)

Birama Diarra
Representative of Mali

Mr Diarra is an engineer of Agrometeorology, specialising in the Science of the Environment, having studied at the Regional Centre of AGRHYMET (Niger), the Luxembourg University Federation (Belgium), the University of Georgia (USA), the International Research Institute (IRI-USA), the University Bed-Dakan (Israel), the University of Reading (UK), the Space Centre of Lannion (France), as well as a Foundation of Applied Meteorology (FMA - Italy) and in the Weather Centre, Toulouse in France.

Since 1997, Mr Diarra has been Director the Department of Research and Development at the National management of the Meteorology (DNM) in Mali, where his work centered on the improvement of weather forecasting and Climatological and Formation/Communication with respect to climate change and the environment. He has also held substantial responsibilities on a national basis, in the field of meteorology and climate change, and headed up several climate related projects.

He is a member of many organizations, including the Commission of Basic Science of the World Meteorological Organization (OMM), the Intergovernmental Group on the evolution of climate, and the Group of Experts on Technology Transfers (EGTT). Assisting the national Focal Point on climate change; as well as acting as a negotiator for Mali. Specifically, Mr. Diarra follows the issue of technology transfer for LDCs within the African Group.

Mr Diarra framed several reports and DEA, in particular at the Rural Polytechnic Institute (IPR) of Katibougou, at the National School of Engineers (ENI) and l'École Nationale Supérieure (ENSUP) of Bamako; also at the Regional Centre of AGRHYMET and the African School of Meteorology and Civil Aviation (EAMAC) at Niamey. Lastly, He has managed several consultations, in particular in Agrometeorology, and climate change (PANA, Etudes impacts and vulnerabilities, climat_Santé etc).

WORKING AT: Le Direction Nationale de la Métérologie, Mali

Les promesses d'atténuation de Copenhagen (803 kb)
Rapport sur le transfert de technologies (256 kb)

Litsabako Kali
Representative of Lesotho

Miss Kali holds a Batchelor of Law degree and currently works as Principle Legal Officer within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Lesotho. Under the sponsorship of the ecbi, she attended the UNFCCC focusing on the Legal Form of the Agreed Outcome. Her future plans are to further her studies on environmental and climate change issues.

WORKING AT: The Ministry of Natural Resources, Lesotho

COP16 - the legal form of the agreed outcome  (216 kb)

Dr. Momodou Njie
Representative of Gambia

Dr. Njie is an independent scholar and scientist providing consulting services in environmental, natural resources, and risk management to public and private sector clients. He is a part-time lecturer in water resources development and protection studies at the University of Gambia; as well as an advisor to a leading Gambian IT Company, Unique Solutions.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Njie has carried out and supervised MSc and PhD research related to climate change, helped with the Gambian NAPA, and made several presentations revolving around climate change at expert and outreach fora in The Gambia and abroad.  Under the auspices of the IIED, he provides support to the LDC group in the UNFCCC negotiations on climate finance, through the Gambian delegation.

WORKING AT: The University of Gambia

Climate Financing for Developing Countries  (401 kb)
The Tenth Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group 2010  (228 kb)

Dr. Abdalla Gaafar Mohamed Siddig
Representative of Sudan

Dr. Siddig is Chief in the Technical Sector, Forests National Corporation in Sudan. He has over 23 years of practical experience in the design and management of Community-based Natural Resources management and utilisation programmes in dry land forestry and environment, forests management and planning, extension & training in Sudan as occupied key positions in the Sudan's Forests National Corporation (FNC) in various parts of the country. Dr. Siddig was further responsible for the implementation and later for planning and technical supervision of the desertification control program in Sudan. He also has more than five years experience in Climate Change, Combat Desertification and biodiversity Conventions issues with special focus on forestry and sustainable development as related to global environmental changes.

Dr. Siddig remarked that his involvement with the ecbi increased his capacity "to play a more meaningful role in the design and implementation of REDD programs in Sudan and be more effectively involved in the international negotiation on REDD-plus". It also provided him with "a good opportunity to learn from others, gaining more experience in planning and preparation of negotiation".

WORKING AT: The Forests National Corporation, Sudan

The Climate Change Negotiations: REDD plus (430kb)
Bonn III Report, 2010 (228kb)