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ecbi - The European Capacity Building Initiative

ecbi Committee & Contact Information

Governing Committees of the ecbi

"I have noted how useful the ecbi activities have been in our negotiations over the past two years"
Mohammad Reazuddin, former LDC Group chair

Executive Committee
Benito Müller, Oxford Climate Policy, ex officio
ecbi Director, Head of Fellowship Programme
Achala Chandani Abeysinghe, International Institute for Environment and Development, ex officio
Head of Training and Support Programme
Anju Sharma, OCP and IIED, ex officio
Head of PPAU
Christoph Schwarte, Legal Response Initiative

Advisory Committee
Developing country members:
Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu (Democratic Republic of Congo, Co-chair),
Pa Ousman Jarju (Honorary Member)
Seyni Nafo (Mali), ex officio (Africa Group Chair)
Gebru Jember (Ethiopia) ex officio (LDC Group Chair)
Stella Gama (Malawi)
Sandea de Wet (South Africa)
Sandra Freitas (Togo)

Developed country members:
Jan Cedergren (Sweden, Co-chair)
Bo KjellÚn (Honorary Member)
Axel Olearius (GIZ)
Saleemul Huq (IIED)
Alexander Fisher (IKI)
Linda Siegele (LRI)

Postal Address

Oxford Climate Policy,
Wolfson College,
Oxford OX2 6UD,
United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 1865 284 413