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ecbi - The European Capacity Building Initiative

ecbi Photo Galleries

This page gives access to a store of photographs and images taken in the course of the various activities.

Listing of Photos by Event

Photographs are held in galleries - latterly, on Google images; previously on the Picasa site. You should not need any special software to visit these sites, or to collect the photographs. The albums will open in a new window for you.

Their existence on this listing, signifies their availability for general use. holds copyright on any photos taken at functions, except as otherwise noted.

ecbi Fellowships 2014
ecbi Fellowships 2015
ecbi Seminar 2015
Bonn Seminar 2014
ecbi Fellowships 2013
Reception for Standing Committee Sept 2012
Oxford Fellowships 2012
Oxford Seminar 2012
2012 ecbi Bonn Seminar
Seminar for Africa Group Negotiators 2012
2011 Regional Workshop for East-Southern Africa & South Asia
2011 ecbi Oxford Fellowships & Seminar
2011 Regional ecbi Workshop for West Africa
2011 ecbi Finance Circle Meeting, Japan
2011 ecbi Bonn Seminar
2011 ecbi Finance Circle Meeting, Mexico
Pre-COP 16 Workshop for African LDC Negotiators
Pre-COP 16 Workshop for South and South East Asian Negotiators
2010 ecbi Oxford Fellowships and Seminar
2009 ecbi Oxford Fellowships & Seminar
2009 SE Africa ecbi Regional Workshop, Ethiopia
2009 Regional Workshop in Dakar
2008 ecbi Regional Workshop in Male
2007 SE Asia ecbi Regional Workshop
2008 ecbi Bonn Seminar
2007 ecbi Oxford Fellowships
2006 ecbi Oxford Fellowships
2006 SE Asia ecbi Regional Workshop
2005 SE Asia ecbi Regional Workshop
2005 ecbi Oxford Fellowships
2008 Fellows COP Dinner in Poznan